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Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. 82 degrees, san jose, 92 and it's 96 degrees in santa rosa. clear, mild tonight. warm to hot wernl with cooler weather the rest of the week so it's coming that relief if you're looking for it. but not immediately. here is a look at water vapor watching this hot air mass that is over us. it's going to sit here for one more day. and we'll see this area of low pressure will work towards the coast and start to see temperatures trending lower beginning wednesday. tomorrow morning fog stayed well off the coastline. heats up quickly. mild to warm start to morning and then going to be another hot one inland. 90s inland and 90 -- 70s near the beaches. hang on to sun screen, wednesday, fog appearing, sea breeze and that will cool you off beginning on wednesday. tomorrow morning mild and inland areas into mid to upper 60s in spots. coastal areas mid to upper 50s, fog getting close, temperatures still hot into south bay. 96 in campbell. there is 92 degrees for palo alto. there is a nice warm day again downtown san francisco if you like it that way. 85 degrees, there is north bay we go hot, mid
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
in downtown san francisco. there is 50s near the coast with the fog. 71 santa rosa. 69 degree day in oaklandland. this is where you'll notice a difference. 7 the tomorrow in livermore from 95 today and there is big events happening. it's blue angels clouds and fog in the morning. there is 61 so bundle up if you're going there. there is cooler weather and there is a slight chance of rain monday in the accu-weather forecast. you can be a big winner on facebook. all facebook friends are eligible. there is where you go to this page we'll announce the winner and after the hters game here on abc 7 news. good luck. >> thank you. >> still head san francisco group asking city leaders for a boycott. >> they >>> a bay activist group is calling on local politicians. >> they held a ceremony at castro and market streets upset the archbishop was one of the leetding proponents on a proposition that banned gay marriage in california. >> don't get involved in secular politics do your job, stay out of everyone's lives. >> and this archdiocese did not want to comment about the protest. there are more
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm PDT
cover with us. there is clouds around and 71 degrees in santa rosa. east bay communities 67 in oakland. 71 castro valley, fremont. inland areas running mild. and so there is for the monterey bay, 64 in monterey. a lot happening here are the he vents. san francisco water front checking out blue angels. partly sunny skies and 61 degrees, 4:00 sunshine by 7:00 p.m. partly cloudy skies. there is hardly strictly blue grass festival. mid-50s and cloudy in the morning will be cool by 7:00 p.m. accu-weather forecast rain is away and weekend is dry. there is at least cooler patterns compared to what we've seen in days past there is a chance of showers and there is just go to face book page that will take you to this page. and right after the 49ers game here on abc 7 news and we can keep trying. >> still to come how mice could hold a key. >> and then at 6:00 an unusual warning from the government. it's an effort to safety whales. we'll have the story at 6:00. >>> new research on mice may help women finding it difficult to conceive, scientists turned mouse skin cells into eggs that produce baby m
Sep 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
at the forecasted highs for tomorrow. next to the record highs for tomorrow as well. santa rosa 96. the record is 102. probably won't reach that. oakland 87. 103 is the record. redwood city, 90. the record is 93. so we could possibly see a record there, as well as in san jose. some of this heat waive not as strong as we had anticipated. that's why the excessive heat advisory and watch was cancelled this morning. that's because we still have a little bit of a sea breeze right near the coast. overnight temperatures, 60s inland, 60s coastside and maybe upper 40s in the north bay. here's a look at the highs for tomorrow. remember coming up two, three, maybe as much as four degrees tomorrow. tomorrow will be the last day before the cooling take place. san francisco 82. 96 isn't regulationa. interior east bay 100 for antioch, 101 for livermore. san jose in the heat as well at 94. gilmour 100 degrees. watsonville 90 and monterey, head to the coast, 76. one more day of excessive heat. tuesday and really into wednesday, that's when the low clouds and fog will return. the sea breeze will be with us and
Oct 7, 2012 5:00pm PDT
:30 this evening, low clouds moving in. right now, 75 in antioch, san francisco, 61. 70, santa rosa, a good stiff westerly wind towards concord. west winds in the neighborhood. up to 20 miles-per-hour in san jose right now. 70 degrees. our forecast. you can expect some clouds and pockets of dense valley fog overnight, especially in the north bay. you woke up to that this morning and the same tomorrow morning. a little cooler for all of us as we head into tomorrow afternoon, and then we are going to put in just a slight chance of showers mainly in the south bay heading into tuesday, possibly lingering into wednesday morning. here's how the night will go. the low clouds and fog will push further inland at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and then it should start to peel back to the coast about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon so do expect some afternoon sunshine. this is the cutoff low. we've been watching it all weekend. and actually it's been pretty much just sitting there. counterclockwise spin. forecast models are going to keep it off the coast. so our chances of seeing some showers will be diminished. if th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5